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Wireless Automation:


Sa Wireless wireless automation solutions are designed to make managing hardware, and data collection easy. By allowing employees the ability to turn various machines on or off, or change the rate of flow through a valve without actually being there saves time and money. Our wireless automation solutions also allow for high-speed data collection from a wide variety of electronic equipment allowing for faster assimilation and number crunching.

Sa Wireless wireless automation products work with RS-232, RS-422, and RS-485 as well as Ethernet. By providing products that work across all of these communication protocols, Sa Wireless wireless automation allows most devices to be accessed wirelessly. Now one can use the same laptop they access the company LAN with to collect data from a flow meter or to change the settings on an industrial robot without having to physically connect to the machinery.

Sa Wireless wireless automation solutions are currently in operation in many different industries. From secure data collection, to the manufacturing of clothing, from automation and robotics to oil field valve controls, Sa Wireless wireless automation has provided a tried and true solution. Let us know what your needs are, and we can work to provide you a cost effective and easy to use solution.


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