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Wireless video:

Security and surveillance is one of the fastest growing applications for fixed wireless equipment. Government agencies, municipalities, and private enterprises are all in the process of enhancing security through the use of increased video surveillance

Sa Wireless bridges have been designed to work seamlessly with IP video Codecs to provide highly flexible surveillance solutions that can rapidly deployed where it would be physically or financially prohibitive using traditional hardwired CCTV. Sa Wireless uses market-leading throughput of 45 Mbps provide more than enough bandwidth for today's high performance CCTV systems and also works seamlessly with our own outdoor surveillance solution Sa Wireless. Sawrom utilises Codecs to deliver frame rates of up to 30 fps.

Applications include:

  • Freeway and city traffic monitoring
  • Military Installation Perimeter Security
  • Port/Harbor/Airport Security Monitoring
  • Public Safety Parks Monitoring
  • Construction Site Monitoring
  • Industrial/Plant Monitoring
  • Campus Monitoring
  • Railroad Monitoring



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