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The Asterisk Voice over IP system is an advanced PABX system with all the latest features of telephony.

Features include:


  • Voicemail included
  • Unlimited extensions
  • IVR - Interactive Voice Response - An intelligent phone system allowing you to direct calls quickly and efficiently to the correct person or department
  • AGI (Asterisk Gateway Interface) allows custom scripts to interface with the telephony system
  • Caller queues and groups allow intelligent distribution of resources in your company
  • Open-source technology with unlimited expansion capability
  • Linux kernel ensures extreme stability
  • Wide range of hardware and software available
  • Easy to set up and administer, web-based administration possible
  • On-hold music - MP3 + wav
  • Affordable technology Incorporates standard PC hardware and uses Linux OS

Sa Wireless implementation of your Asterisk system includes:

  • Customization of the PABX to suit your needs (IVR, queues / caller groups, VoiceMail, Call recording)
  • Installation of network cabling and configuration of telephones
  • Set-up of least-cost-routing , interconnecting offices and branches
  • Installation of console applications, allowing all employees to view switchboard activity
  • Set-up of home extensions or cell phone divert capability allowing easy transfer of calls from the office to remote location phones
  • Installation of caller ID scripts based on existing customer service or call centre solutions (ISDN only)
  • Basic training on operating your new phone system
  • Optional installation and configuration of SugarCRM, a world-class open-source customer relation management (CRM) application
  • Assistance in optimizing your network - Quality of service (QoS) VOIP, data etc.
  • Set-up of caller data records (CDR). This records phone activity per user.
  • Assistance with caller ID display on phones, enabling the display of customer name instead of telephone number. The contacts are updatable via a central database to avoid repetition (ISDN only)
  • Set-up of remote access Remote management of PABX is possible
  • Set-up of trunking enabling you to use your existing data network to cheaply call other destinations
  • Firewall configuration



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